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An Exhibition of work by Early Visiting Artists 1830-1890


St. Ives is known throughout the world as a centre of art. This Colony has been growing and diverging for over 130 years.

To celebrate its very beginning, we go back to the time when artists first came as visitors and painted what they saw. The town, the inhabitants, the fishing industry and the spectacular coastal scenery.

Bartlett - Hauling Launces No 2 1884 (1).jpg

St. Ives Museum is delighted for the opportunity to present a collection of these early works, executed and now displayed in the place of their origin

The exhibition will run until the end of October 2023. We would like to thank Mr David Tovey for his wealth of knowledge and support in implementing this exhibition.

Ludovici - Fish Sale, St Ives (Lane) (1).jpg
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